We are the pioneer in the field of NFC card Based Mobile Banking in Bangladesh. Our services will allow the use of mobile technology to send and receive monetary value electronically through own mobile handsets or NFC (Near Field Communication) Tag or Tap Card or through authorized outlets across the country. Mobility i Tap Pay (Bangladesh) Limited shall be offering the most robust, secured, reliable, hassle free & customizable technology support to ensure smoother MFS operation in the market. To ensure security, three factors authentication will be used while accessing through different access channel.

During the last decade the eco-social changes in our country as well as in the world has taken place at a prodigious pace. And the fuel which ignited the change is information technology so to say. Two continents in the world- Africa and Asia are in the leading position in mobile banking.

According to the 2015 report of InterMedia the percentage of population who use Mobile Financial Services are:

  • 33% Bangladesh
  • 79% Kenya
  • 63% Tanzania
  • 47% Uganda
  • 09% Pakistan

No service has reached to the remote corners of our country as fast as the mobile banking. This wave of popularity will take Tap ‘n Pay to a position beyond the horizon of success without any doubt.

We have derived this technology from

Mobility One of Malaysia,


Which is a joint venture company with us. It is one of the leading solution provider for electronic transaction and payments in Malaysia and enlisted with London Stock Exchange. Presently the company is operating with 9 Banks and serving 10 million customers in Malaysia in the field of Internet Banking, Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and Mobile Banking Services.

We are not depending on USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data). We are independent in terms of transferring your money.

We got the most advanced technology in Bangladesh in the field of Mobile Banking.4G technology. Thus we are providing the most uninterrupted service than anyone can offer.

We are the most secure and reliable solution for your mobile banking as our system is integrated with three factor security authentication. These are:

  • Authentication by NFC card
  • Authentication through PIN Code
  • Authentication provide by OTP

When it comes to security, we attach utmost priority to our customers as we understand the concern regarding security. We are providing a 3-layer security for customers, which are:

  • NFC Card
  • PIN Number
  • OTP (One Time Password)

This is the most secured way of doing any financial transaction in present Mobile Financial Service Industry of Bangladesh.

No more dialing USSD Menu. Using Tap ‘n Pay card for doing a transaction will make our customers’ life easy. No worries for network fall issue. Customers need to tap the card and complete the transaction without any hassle. At the same time, as a confirmation, even an SMS is missed because of some reason, a receipt will be given to customers as the confirmation of a successful transaction.

The most convenient and easiest way of transacting money from one place to another within the country with the latest technology is now here. No matter, what the time is, no matter where ever a customer is, it is just a blink to get the money in the most secured way that no one has offered yet.

We have started out service for our customers in whole Bangladesh keeping our footprint in every Union. We have a strong distribution channel which will very soon cover every street of our country and thus mobile banking will be at our door step for our customers.

Near Field Communication (NFC) chip operates as one part of a wireless link & based on contactless smartcard technology. Once it's activated by another chip, small amounts of data between the two devices can be transferred when held a few centimeters from each other. It’s a basic level security and masking your identity to a card. It is faster than Bluetooth. You can share your content with an NFC tag or another NFC support device by simply touching it with your device.